IUL Retirement Plan

If you have a 401K, 403b, 457, Traditional IRA or any qualified retirement plan, where you are taking pre tax dollars and putting that money in the plan, they are all taxable. Taxable to you, your spouse, your children and or your heirs. Take advantage of the IRS tax codes and put some of your money in plans that when you take a distribution, it’s TAX FREE! Questions? Comment below for more information.


Living Trust

If you have assets in your name and you pass away, don’t have your estate be probated. A will is not enough, and does not cover anything while you are still alive. Have a Living Trust control your estate while your alive or dead, and have your wishes carried out on a timely matter, without the court system and attorneys taking a bite out of it. An estate can be settled in weeks, not months or years, if a proper Living Trust is drafted properly and funded. Privacy is maintained and you get peace of mind knowing it’s done right. Questions? Comment below for more information.


Living Benefits

If you get sick ask yourself this question…Would I rather spend down my money for my health expenses that my insurance plan does not cover, or would I rather spend somebody else’s money to take care of expenses that come up that I did not expect. Whether it is Chronic, Critical or Terminal Illness, you can receive an accelerated benefit to cover issues you might have with the proper life insurance plan, and you don’t have to die first, to collect. Questions? Comment below for more information.


Indexed Annuity

If your intention is to be in the stock market to get growth but don’t want to lose money, then this video might get your attention. This program protects your principal, locks in your gains every anniversary, and you never lose any of your money if we have a downside market. Remember 2008? Questions? Comment below for more information.


Rollover Annuity

Prevent your 401(k) or IRA from wasting your money


Withdrawal Guarantee

Never run out of money for as long as you live


This video shares the concept of how a Fixed Index Annuity works. For more information please contact the phone number at the end of this video.


This video is about income, income that you can not outlive. Income today is crucial in everyone’s life. Income creates lifestyle, and nobody wants to go backwards.Think of it this way, with all of the investment plans that are out there today, how many of those plans can really guarantee you that…


This video shows why fixed life insurance and annuities are the safest investment opportunities available.


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